Scaffolders from Germany visiting California


Saxon entrepreneurs present their ENCOURAGER book upon invitation in San Francisco

Walter Stuber and Dirk Eckart have been successful entrepreneurs in Germany since 2001. Together, they are at the helm of the Gemeinhardt Gerüstbau Service GmbH in Rosswein (Saxony) with offices in Brunswick (Lower Saxony) and Frankfurt/Main. In their self-published practical guidebook ENCOURAGER , they describe how to steer your business towards success and why a single failure can sometimes bring you further than continuous success.

“The most important lesson for me is to think outside the box! Why not send Christmas cards during the summertime? Or let employees choose their own wages? We have had our share of visible success thanks to some pretty insane ideas”, explains Walter Stuber. Not only do the self-proclaimed “insane entrepreneurs” Stuber and Eckart offer some practical tips, they also dish out a healthy dose of encouragement and self-confidence for the reader. “It always pays out to take responsibility for yourself as well as for society”, declares Stuber.

Their ideas have now washed up onto our shores here in California which is not surprising considering the worldwide network these two have built up. “Visibility is our alpha and omega even when some people out there look at our actions and say that less would also be more”, according to Dirk Eckart. “But our success proves us right. Today, we are receiving inquiries for actions that we would have only dreamed about just a few short years ago. This includes the inquiry to come to San Francisco, even when it is not to set up scaffolding.” Two years ago, Walter Stuber, who is also a member of the “Christen in der Wirtschaft e.V.” (Christians in business) association, was on an educational trip in Silicon Valley. On Sunday, he wanted to attend a service and found a German-speaking group near San Francisco through Facebook. Thanks to this he got to know the pastor of the Protestant German-speaking congregation, Kerstin Weidmann, and together this initial contact grew to an online friendship which led to a constant exchange of ideas. This is how the idea came about to present the ENCOURAGER book and its corresponding mission to this side of the Pacific.

The event will take place on October 6 at 1:30 pm as part of a community meeting after the Sunday service in St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church, 3281 San Francisco, CA 94103. The event is free of charge!

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