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Fortune favors the bold - Why should you be satisfied with less?

In our profession it's the people who fascinate us the most, and who often provide moments that enrich the everyday. We, Walter Stuber and Dirk Eckart, are eccentric entrepreneurs and passionate COURAGE BUILDERS with complete conviction. As freedom-loving providers of ideas, we have chosen to continue to develop, as a life-long commitment, and to use our inexhaustible energy to remind people of their uniqueness. 

As a result, we have already achieved a lot.

Do you want to do something to enhance your quality of life? And would you like your fellow human beings to be with you in this and work together? Then there is an approach with which you can achieve both simultaneously:  

Build COURAGE in other people!

Being courageous begins with small steps. But these small steps make the difference between COURAGE and a life of doubt. We are united by the conviction that it's possible to relate to each other more considerately, so that the relationships in our professional and private lives are more successful.

With action, many things happen and doors open. Through our actions, we have experienced encounters that we would previously not have thought possible. For example, we regularly sit down with the most varied individuals and consider how we can further develop ideas and concepts in a self-confident way.

If you love refreshing ideas, surprising outlooks and want to learn about revolutionary concepts, you'll find a whole host of new perspectives on this site.

Let us inspire you to be a COURAGE BUILDER.

Courage is the "mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty."

That is how Merriam-Webster's online dictionary Wikipedia defines the term 'courage'.

The entrepreneurs Walter Stuber and Dirk Eckart have proven just that. Many times!

And not just with their exceptional specialist scaffolding that appears to float on bridges and dams.

They have unusual methods in other areas: They look for new employees in cinema ads and on pizza boxes, or demonstrate against the diesel driving ban in big cities with a horse and cart. Writing books is also rather unusual for scaffolders. But it was the logical next step. Because they decided others should benefit from their experience and they wanted to encourage people to engage with society and follow new paths.

Walter Stuber and Dirk Eckart are COURAGE BUILDERS and they hope that more people will be inspired to become courage builders themselves!

MUTMACHER 1 – Das Praxishandbuch von zwei verrückten Unternehmern:

Investing private and business assets in the rescue of the company, Christmas cards in summertime and wages determined by their employees! The managers of Gemeinhardt, Walter Stuber and Dirk Eckart, have done some weird things since 2001, which made many people shake their heads. But their success proved them right! In this book, they both reveal why thinking outside the box is so important in order to set a company on its course, why failures sometimes bring you further than continuous success, and how to become self-reliant and happy! The title reveals all: Building courage for self-reliance – at any age! CAUTION: Reading this may alter your previous way of thinking and set you on a course to success!

With contributions from Katrin Fay, Jens Fiedler, Manuel Hein, Ingo Karsch, Prof. Dr. Jörg Knoblauch, Klaus Kobjoll, Daniela Kreissig, Nora Oelkers, Hermann Scherer, Nicolas Sihombing, Ingolf Stuber, Roman Topp and Rainer Wälde

160 pages, Bestell-Nr. 588 866, ISBN 978-3-943362-40-4

Edition Wortschatz, Cuxhaven, December 2017 (First shipping day: Monday, 18. December 2017): DeutschlandSchweiz

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MUTMACHER 2 – Das Praxishandbuch über 5×5 Gründerinnen und Gründer:

"Our economy needs innovation, investment and entrepreneurs of all ages who are prepared to leave behind their secure salaries to build something new!", writes Dagmar Wöhrlentrepreneur, politician and judge on the VOX TV game show 'Die Höhle der Löwen' – in the book's foreword.

Get to know 5x5 courageous founders who embarked on the 'adventure of self-reliance'. The triggers for that were as diverse as the people and their business ideas.

Every founding story is unique and exciting, sometimes even dramatic.

Following on from „MUTMACHER – Das Praxishandbuch von zwei verrückten Unternehmern“ (COURAGE BUILDERS – the practical handbook of two crazy entrepreneurs), this second volume also encourages you to dare to do something new and to take on responsibility.

With contributions from Walter Stuber, Dirk Eckart, Dagmar Wöhrl, Stephanie Ziegler, David Hirsch, Robert Fuhrmann, Anja Landmann, Sascha Krämer, Michael Bühren, Markus Wasserle, Jeanette Spanier, Ruben Dahmen, Alexander Kufner, Christoph Prokes, Frederik Malsy, Simone Fischer, Johannes Kaut, Christoph Jungert, Marco Kitzing, Sebastian Risse, Harald Lais, Armin Ruser, David Klenert, Hildegard Maskulinski, Steffen Händler, Simeon Schott, Peter Dyroff, Benjamin Bühl, Manuela Beßer, Joschka Birkigt, Heike Tauchnitz, Jörg Mosler, Ulrike Eckart, Sabine Langenbach

120 Pages, Bestell-Nr. 588 879, ISBN 978-3-943362-47-3

Edition Wortschatz, Cuxhaven, Oktober 2018 (First shipping day: Tuesday, 9th October 2018): DeutschlandSchweiz

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